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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the meaning of 'Ishwar'?
    The Sanskrit word Isvara (pronounced Ishwar) has various meanings - one of them being 'GOD'. Sanskrit, like Latin and Hebrew, is an ancient language of the world.
  • What is the mission of this site?
    This site is a token of Love towards the Supreme Power that created the Universe (God is the closest word in English).
  • Who created this site? What is their religion?
    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, said Shakespeare.
  • How was this site created? started as a personal homepage in 1997. It was changed to a spiritual site in 1999 by replacing the personal homepage with contents of the Holy Bhagavad Gita. Sacred texts of various religions were gradually collected from many websites and reformatted to facilitate easy reading. These webpages were then converted into various eBook formats including PDF.
  • Which religion does this site prefer/promote?
    All of them.
  • Can I share/reuse the sacred texts available on this site?
    These texts are believed to be in the Public domain.
  • Why were the 12 religions chosen for the site? Why not others?
    The 12 religions that are available on this site are considered as the classic world religions by many authoritative sources.
  • Why were only these sacred texts chosen for the site? Why not others?
    These texts were chosen as a representative sample of these religions. They are considered to be the key texts of their respective religions by most authoritative sources.
  • What is the financial model of this site?
    The site does not seek to make money.

History of the Site's Development:

2021, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997

  • Wrote and Published the book 'Nectar of All World Religions'

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  • Added Gurumukhi Sri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Started showing responses to the 'Do you love GOD?' poll on homepage and header
  • Created the I Love GOD Facebook fan page
  • Started the I Love GOD Twitter page
  • Reorganized the home page to have search and other logos at bottom and removed direct links to texts

  • Added Arabic Quran
  • Added Latin Bible
  • Added Hebrew Torah
  • Bahai - combined Arabic & English texts in single place
  • Confucianism - combined Chinese & English texts in single place
  • Hinduism - combined Sanskrit & English texts in single place
  • Taoism - combined Chinese & English texts in single place
  • Added menu bar on top
  • Added navigation bar on top
  • Changed from Google to Live Search
  • Home page reorganized and removed Imagemap for simplicity
  • Quote of the day is now expanded to include all religions
  • Introduced the 'Do you Love GOD?' poll on the homepage

  • Added new logo 'Peace'.
  • Added new logo 'Love'.
  • Added new logo 'Truth'.
  • Added new logo 'Infinity'.
  • Added new logo 'Light'.
  • Cleaned up the header and footer.
  • Removed t-shirts and book sales links entirely.
  • Changed the daily quote to be automatic.
  • Changed the home page layout and themes to use AJAX and Imagemap for faster switching of themes.

  • Added Bhagavad Gita (sanskrit).
  • Added Tao Te Ching (chinese).
  • Added Kitab I Aqdas (arabic).
  • Added Kitab I Iqan (arabic).
  • Added Confucian Analects (chinese).
  • Added Mencius (chinese).
  • Added Doctrine of Mean (chinese).
  • Added Great Learning (chinese).
  • Added wide selection of books on homepage and religions pages.
  • Added new 'Persons' theme.
  • Modified existing 'Abstract' theme.


  • Finished manually fine-tuning formatting issues in texts.
  • Website down for few days (first and hopefully last time ever).
  • Removed eCards, Translate this page and Contact form due to insecure scripts.
  • Changed homepage theme to change every weekday instead of each hour.
  • Improved Usability - Re-organized the Homepage links and the Header/Footer.
  • Revamped the Religion pages to include more info and be more usable.
  • Featured I Love GOD products prominently on homepage of
  • Re-introduced the single-religion-symbol 'I Love GOD' merchandise.
  • Stopped and folded it into
  • Created Ads for single-religion products and mailed them to Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues.
  • Added Holy Hadith.
  • Added Holy Sutta Nipata.

  • Reorganized Vedas and Tanakh for simplicity.
  • Finished spell checking texts and then fixed all spelling errors and republished eBooks.
  • Improved website Usability, added links to texts on homepage and reorganized top/bottom links.
  • Added 'Sources' page listing source of each text and 'Links' page to swap links.
  • Added 'Introduction' to index page of all texts.
  • Changed all HTML downloads and CD to have actual webpages rather than bare pages.
  • Introduced and then stopped the single-religion-symbol 'I Love GOD' merchandise.
  • Changed 'I Love GOD' license from NonCommercial ShareAlike to ShareAlike (more flexible).
  • Sent 'I Love GOD' printed postcards to over 70 influential people world wide.
  • Created, created an Ad for it and sent printed Ad to 200 religious places.


  • Added Holy Kitab I Iqan.
  • Added Epistle to the Son of Wolf.
  • Added Prayers & Meditations by Bahaullah.
  • Added Holy Saddharma Pundarika.
  • Added Holy Mahayana Texts.
  • Added Holy Digha Nikaya.
  • Added Deuterocanonical Apocrypha.
  • Added Holy Vedas.
  • Added Holy Upanishads.
  • Added Holy Quran (E.H.Palmer).
  • Added Holy Quran (Mohammed Pickthall).
  • Added Holy Quran (Arabic Romanised transliteration).
  • Added Holy Kalpa Sutra.
  • Added Holy Kojiki.
  • Added Holy Nihongi.
  • Added Holy Chuang Tzu.
  • Added Holy Zend Avesta.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Created index page for each religion.
  • Added Listen, Translate, Print, Send features.
  • Added About, FAQs, Forum, Donate, Sitemap, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy sections.
  • Converted all additional texts into eBook formats: PDF, PRC, LIT.
  • Created Data CD containing all texts in all formats.
  • Created text only/mobile version of site.
  • Created logo for the site.
  • Title of site: 'I Love GOD'.
  • Added Errata.
  • Changed daily quote from non-spiritual to spiritual.
  • Added Wallpaper.
  • Added daily quote as XML RSS feed.
  • Added eCards.
  • Added daily quote as Newsletter via email.
  • Added Change log.
  • Started a Blog.
  • Added Screensaver.
  • Changed from htDig to Google Search
  • Changed financial model (shop, books) to be non-profit.
  • Moved web hosting from Denish Inc to 1&1.


  • Added Holy Confucian Canon (Analects, Mencius, Doctrine of Mean, Great Learning).
  • Added Holy Kitab I Aqdas.
  • Added Holy Tao Te Ching.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Split all pages into two column layout to facilitate readability.
  • Added themes: symbols, flowers, nature, joy, galaxy, abstract.
  • Each theme has different website:,,,,,
  • Title of site: 'Love the Lord!'.
  • Converted all texts into eBook formats: PDF, PRC, LIT.
  • Added eBooks section.
  • Added Books section.
  • Added merchandise Shop.
  • Consolidated all themes as daily rotation into
  • Released domains,,,,

  • Added Holy Akaranga Sutra.
  • Added Daily quote (non spiritual).
  • Purchased domains, & and pointed them to


  • Added Holy Dhammapada.
  • Added Holy Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to split large HTML files into parts to facilitate readability.
  • Added Navigation bar (previous, next, up).
  • Added Holy Tanakh (Torah, Ketuvim, Neviim).
  • Replaced pictures of prophets with religious symbols.
  • Added Search capability using htDig.
  • Added Downloads section.
  • Title of site: ' - resource for religions texts'.
  • Moved web hosting from Pair networks to Denish Inc.

  • Redesigned personal site.
  • Received more comments about spiritual vs. personal.
  • Read the Holy Bhagavad Gita.
  • Replaced personal site with Holy Bhagavad Gita.
  • Added Holy Bible.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to two pane tree/detail view.
  • Title of site: 'i s h w a r'.
  • Added Holy Quran (Yusuf Ali).
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to web pages with menu bar on top/bottom.

  • Moved personal homepage from GeoCities to BigFoot to get a shorter URL.
  • Purchased domain
  • Moved personal homepage from BigFoot to Pair networks hosting with the new domain.
  • Redesigned personal homepage.
  • Received comments that it should be a spiritual site rather than personal homepage.
  • Purchased domains & and pointed them to

  • For learning HTML, created a webiste about myself on a 'localhost' i.e. without internet connection.
  • Hosted homepage for free on Geocities.

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